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Friday, December 3, 2010

O-Ring Flash Adapter: What Sorcery Is This?

Instant magic. Brilliant this new toy of mine.

On the evening of 30th November 2010, I discovered a camera shop run by one Eric Chia, in my backyard that is Damansara Uptown. Apparently they have been open since July 2010 and I didn't know about it. Roll back the credits a little, for some explanation on all this nonsense.

I am what you may call something of a light junkie. I am addicted and obsessed to good lighting, light modifiers and the like. This has resulted in my owning a ridiculous amount of light modifiers and diffusers - of course with a Canon 580 EXII flash gun (at considerable cost, I might add). The list goes a little something like this:-

1. JJC Flash Diffuser (cap type) - A Sto-Fen knock-off
2. Lambency Flash Diffuser (with the multiple coloured tops) - In similar vein with Gary Fong's Lightsphere
3. JJC Universal Flash Softbox (plastic and poorly made but a decent size)
4. Lumiquest Quik Bounce (the one with the open/close top)
5. Lumiquest Softbox (yes, it is THAT one. The biggest one.)

..... and now; 6. The O-Ring Flash Adapter. Voila!

I wanted to buy the Demb Flash Diffuser there and then, but having not enough money + I could get it RM 20 cheaper near my office, I didn't go for it. I paid RM 180.00 for the O-Ring Adapter. By the way, a dealer from Penang offered me RM 170.00 but he was out of stock. Shashinki sold theirs for about RM 258.00! All said and done, I didn't have any regrets buying that.

[Editor: Don't forget, you also just bought the damned Demb Diffuser Pro. Thats no. 7. More on that later.]

Once I got home, I whipped out the 'ol camera and I started shooting every miniature statue or toy I could. I even shot my cat. I was totally blown away with the effects! In short, a ring flash enables virtually shadow-less lighting, balanced light (by being attached to the front of the lens) as well as diffuses the light by about 1-stop. This adapter kinda replicates the effect by having your flash gun fire into a plastic 'noose' which lights up = 'Ring Flash'. I'm going to have to start saving for a real ring flash. Here are some sample works.


 For those of you who like statistics:
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  1. Finally I found a blogger who's crazy about light! Great post! How's the demb? And I'm curious to know our thoughts on the rougebender???

    Australian reader...

  2. Cheers & thanks Carol! Nice to know that my humble post reached Down Under!

    BTW, the Demb is amazing. It kinda does everything you would expect from a bounce + there is also a Diffuser in front which makes it best of both worlds. Unless of course you're into the colored gel filters [I'm not :-)] I'd recommend it in a heartbeat.

    Another thing is, the Rouge Bender is much more flexible than say, Lumiquest stuff. And it gives you 360 degree bounce around your flash head (point upwards). Demb only bounces from the top. The effect becomes similar to a portable softbox - only softer! My personal view - i think its TOO soft and if I wanted to throw more light further, I feel the Rouge wont be helpful.

    I hope you find this reply helpful. Feel free to search me up on Facebook @ It'll be cool to connect with photogs around the world!