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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Have you been Smooshed today?

A huge thanks to Lin Lee and Wan Chiun for inviting me to shoot a few promotional pictures of their new business venture: Smooshie! (Trademarked). Considering that both of them have reasonably good taste, I'm terribly flattered. [Editor's Note: Don't flatter yourself.]

In an extremely admirable move, Lin and Wan Chiun had a dream. They dreamt of healthy, all-natural fruit based drinks. They dreamt of Patrick Teoh and Nicol David buying their products and posing for pictures with pre-prepared suggestive signs. They dreamt of world peace through gastronomical delights. 

They dreamt of Smooshie.

I'm sorry. I've always wanted to say something like that. But seriously, Lin and Wan Chiun, the extraordinary entrepreneurs behind Smooshie are friends of mine. We met while playing poker actually (location shall not be disclosed for legal reasons and privacy concerns) due to mutual friends. What's more extraordinary about it? One of them is a qualified architect and designer, and the other... honestly, I'm not sure what she did before this. According to their official website, it had something to do with dungeons and limbs. Not being content with living out their lives in a dreary cubicle [Editor's Note: Are you referring to yourself?] they've decided to take a leap of faith right into the Smooshniverse.

I wish them all the best in their endevours and I'm sure with their combined abilities, drive and determination, I have no doubt that Smooshie will be a commercial success. Enough words then, I'll allow my photos to do the talking.

For more information on Smooshie, you can check with me via my personal e-mail, or you can also check out the Smooshie Official Website at and contact either one or both of the two Smooshius Primus. 

For those of you who like statistics:
Vital Stats for June: 4 post 96 pics
Vital Stats So Far: 81 posts 3,180 pics

Disclaimer: The views smooshed in the above photoblog are the author's and the author's alone. If smooshers are not agreeable with the above views, well, you can smoosh-off. All rights are reserved for the photos and the article itself. This article may be smooshed with permission of the author for private or public smooshing, or other forms of general smooshiness. Any unauthorized smooshing of the images or articles contained therein is expressly prohibited and violators will be smooshed with the full force of Malaysian law applicable. Thank you for reading this disclaimer. All Smooshphotos are smooshed with express permission from Lin and Wan Chiun.


  1. Hey Domkee, Awesome shots! It was fun having you at our kiosk- do pop by at anytime for a drink. Our Smooshems should know u well by now!~ :)