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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October Madness!

This is about the craziest month I've ever experienced in a looong looong time. About 2 months ago, I agreed to shoot the KL wedding of Benedict Das & Ferina Manecksha, a lovely couple introduced to me by a mutual friend. The registration was supposed to take place in Aaliyaa (yes, THAT Aaliyaa) on the evening of 20th October 2010, followed by a buffet style dinner. The traditional Catholic church wedding was to take place that morning itself. I though that was it.

But I was wrong.

I recieved calls (in quick succession) to shoot a Raya Open House in Cyberjaya on 8th October 2010 for non-other than the well known CIMB Wealth Advisor 'Millionaire Sisters', as well as a private birthday celebration on 9th October 2010 in the Grand Millenium Hotel for one charming fella.

Here are a few pictures of the Raya Open House...

CIk Akmar (Left), Cik Elynn (Middle) and Guests

The lovely Cik Akmar & Cik Elynn

After that, on Saturday night there was a private birthday celebration for one Mr. Shafiq, held at one of the suites at The Grand Millenium, next to Pavillion. I tell you, that is one amazing looking suite!

Thank you Cik Akmar, Cik Elynn and Mr. Shafiq for your permission to post a few pictures of your respective events!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Double Happines October Special! [Set Dos]

Back to the mass wedding...

Like I said, it was a mass wedding. Some couples appeared painfully young, some appeared tastefully mismatched, one bride clearly wore a dress 2 sizes too small (over eagerly displaying her lovely lady lumps), and one pair in particular - the groom looked 14 years old and baby-faced with the spikey-dyed-at-the-tip hair (requisite of most chinese males), and his bride?

She looked equally young and dressed in an elegant criss-crossed, white, back-baring, breast-spilling-out dress, displaying her ample (Editor: A gross understatement) lady bosom... however, IGNORING THE FACT that all this took place in the dignity of a temple, not a dodgy bloody nightclub. Oh, and did I mention the said baby-faced groom wore a denim faux-dinner jacket with denim pants.

Baby Face should have checked with me first. I've got one of those t-shirts with the vest and bow-tie printed on, which I could have lent to him. That would have gone perfect with his 'jacket'.

Our friends on the other hand, as evidenced in the photos, were dressed tastefully and were beaming throughout. Allright, thats enough bitching for one post. Please enjoy the remaining photos.




Click here for an express link to Set Una!

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