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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nostalgia Mania Part 8: Welcome Community Home [18-7-2009]

I am on the verge of starting Dominique Kee Photography's social outreach arm very soon. I've just been so very busy, it's ridiculous.

This is another interesting set from some time ago. It actually started because I wanted to join a photo competition. The theme (if I remember correctly) was something to do with social causes. One of the ideas I got was to shoot the Welcome Community Home in Batu Arang. This Home is a drug rehab centre, but it's not like a prison or anything like that. In fact, all patients in the Home are there on their own free will. I learned about it when years ago, our legendary carolling group sang for the patients as well as to donated some money. I thought the Home would give me powerful pictures since it was formerly a colonial house which the locals aptly named - "The White House."

When I arrived, I was in for a surprise. I expected a derelict building, but instead I found that the Home has since undergone a facelift. With new paint, new surroundings, and even (horrors!) a new plaster ceiling! That last bit kinda killed me since I was big fan of the colonial high ceiling it used to have. Anyways, I still wandered around, trying to make the best of my photos. Eventually, I came up with these photos.

Oh, and I'm actually due to to return to the Welcome Community Home as the first stop of my social outreach project. Stay tuned for any updates.

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