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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Isaiah Rohan Symons: Awesomeness Turns One! [6-9-2015]

When one of your closest and dearest friends have a Son, you know things are going to get fun for you! I can't speak for everyone but some deeply-buried paternal instinct goes haywire and I want to spoil him, teach him how to play the guitar (as his father taught me my first chords many years ago), teach him how to appreciate girls, take him out for food in the middle of the night, how to piss off his dad, etc.

Isaiah Rohan Symons' First Year in this Big, Bad, World was celebrated last Sunday, 6th September 2015. It was a simple but close-knit affair, and armed with my trusty (soon to be upgraded) sidekick, I took  a few photos of the event. Nothing professional, considering my busted 580EXII, but still good. Besides the awesome superhero theme, and the superhero gift packs, one of the cute concepts present that day was a time capsule of sorts, where guests may write a simple message on paper to Isaiah, which will only be opened on his 18th.

I hope that Isaiah one day sees these photos and never forgets how much his friends and family love him.



I want my own kid too.

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