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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Downright Fugly: The Tragedy of Wang Yue

DISCLAIMER: The photos found in this article are not mine, but instead, gathered from independant foreign news sources. I'm just spreading awareness. Word.

This past week the world’s ‘netizens’ have seen scum literally walking the earth, and at the same time, scrap-heap angels with sooted faces rising above what remains of the festering remnants of humanity itself. I myself write this with tears in my eyes, and a conscience ripped to shreds. Like many others I wish to apologize on behalf of humanity (or lack thereof).

Wang Yue ("Yue Yue"): The saddest before and after pic you'll ever see.

The Good:

Unlike many in close proximity to me who listen to, believe and disseminate lies - you know who you are - I do not wish to shift the blame on those pedestrians who did nothing while a child barely out of her infancy, lay bleeding and dying in the middle of a small populated street. I choose not to demonize the self-centered lorry drivers, who either out of ignorance or pure stupidity could not see a child in the middle of a small street up almost 15 meters away. Perhaps I do not even want to raise the obvious parental negligence of allowing your 2-year old child daughter to wander in a busy street unattended. We’ll leave that for another forum, and there will be plenty I’m sure.

Madam Chen Xianmei, with the mother and father of little Yue Yue at her feet, in gratitude of Madam Chen's selfless-act

Instead, I am moved to tears at a picture I found of the elderly Madam Chen Xianmei , a part-time scrap heap peddler, who’s efforts to help little Yue Yue were caught on camera. Madam Chen is now considered a national hero of sorts and is the current icon for humanitarian acts and selflessness. In this picture, little Yue Yue’s parents visited Madam Chen and proceeded to kow-tow profusely to their benefactor, Madam Chen. I’ve not been moved like this in a long time. Xie xie ni, Madam Chen, for renewing my faith in humanity.

Independent Chinese media has since reported that the benevolent Madam Chen has received cash rewards from the local government, cash tokens from grateful individuals, and even a generous job offer from a local IT firm who wanted to reward Madam Chen by giving her a ‘stable source of income’. For the humble Madam Chen, she has requested that the public should stop giving her money and instead to donate to Yue Yue’s family instead. Madam Chen has also pledged her own cash rewards to Yue Yue’s family. In the last update I was able to acquire about Madam Chen, she appears to have fled Foshan to escape the media circus surrounding her. Before that she apparently dropped by the hospital to hand over the cash gifts to Yue Yue's parents, saying she does not know how much cash she has in hand. God bless her in whatever she's doing after this.

Madam Chen is overwhelmed by the generous gifts from the public.
The Bad:

Sometimes (more frequent of late I gather) things happen that make you turn your head and go, “What the f---?” This is one of those instances.

The street camera recording, which has gone viral on YouTube, of the tragedy indicates little Yue Yue was wandering the narrow street unattended. The first vehicle, a white lorry knocks her over like a bowling pin and rolls over her wee body with the front right tires of his lorry. It rolls the fuck over her! What’s messed up is that she was not rammed by a speeding vehicle who lost control. The lorry was going about 30 kmp/h. It was pure ignorance and sheer retardation that the driver rolls over her once, stops the lorry with Yue Yue lying on the road in between the wheels of the car, and moments later, he continues driving, rolling over her again, this time with the rear right tires.

The First White Truck runs over Yue Yue.

The Chinese media got this part wrong when they said she was “knocked over twice”. She wasn’t knocked over twice you Chinese tits, she was ran-over twice. #@$%. It was just like in the god-damned cartoons, except in real life, you don’t later stand up flat as a pancake, blow into your thumb and inflate back to normal.

After the first lorry does a massive number on Yue Yue, while she’s lying there bleeding, still conscious and wincing from the injuries sustained – the second, larger lorry runs over her AGAIN. This time it looks like both the right tires run over what appears to be part of her legs. This is where my heart stops for a few moments, risking brain damage to myself – she jerks painfully as each tire savages her little body. Not as quickly as you might hope suffering to be, but once again, slllooowwwlllyyy.

What the f---?

The Fugly:

Yin-Yang. Light-Dark, Yoda-Dooku. Some believe that everything in life can be summed up as a primordial karmic balancing act. When there are angels such as Madam Chen around, you can bet your ass there will be the ugliest images you can’t even begin to imagine. The ugliest twats of the lot?

The horrible video of Yue Yue, who can be seen at the bottom of the screen, and the first lorry driver, who is approaching easily almost 20 meters away, did not see her? What the fuck?
First off, the pedestrians who walked past little Yue Yue. That’s right, they just walked past, INCLUDING a lady holding hands with a little girl who looked no older than Yue Yue herself. They glanced down and sidetracked the dying little girl who was lying almost in the middle of the road. Bicyclist and motorcyclists conspicuously sidetracked the sad and broken little figure. Later there were claims by passer-bys that the particular stretch of road was too dark, so they didn’t actually see Yue Yue on the road. Bullshit. The video (which was bright as day) showed approximately 18 pedestrians who took a careful look at Yue Yue, and then willfully refused to help. WILLFULLY REFUSED.

Next are the surrounding shop owners. When Madam Chen found Yue Yue, she managed to drag the little angel to the sidewalk, to avoid further injuries from the traffic. After that, Madam Chen was calling out for help, to see if anyone knew the little angel who was dying there. The unanimous response? “Mind your own business!” Seriously. This did not come out from a cheesy movie. They really didn’t give a fuck about whether an innocent 2 year lived or died.

Lastly, the champion twat: The driver of the first lorry. It was admitted by Twat Chink that he didn’t see Yue Yue because he was on the mobile at the time (Ops Sikap anyone?). Good enough excuse? Hardly, you bloody bastard. But it gets worse. He runs over Yue Yue with one tire, stops the car with the little girl directly below him, and moments later drives of, rolling over Yue Yue again. His reasoning? It would have been better for him if she died. If Yue Yue died, he may have to pay only about RMB 20,000.00. If she survived with injuries, he may need to pay hundreds of thousands in compensation. What is she? A stray dog? He even sent a text to Yue Yue’s parents to blame the little girl for getting herself into an accident. A right twat.

Lastly, after news of Madam Chen’s selflessness emerged and made her China’s media darling, jealous chinks from all over the district of Foshan started accusing that old lady of cashing in on her popularity. Even her neighbors. I just want you to know that God is watching and he’s not too happy with your bullshit.

Various international press and media have since reported that Yue Yue has succumbed to her injuries. It is my sincere wish and hope that she will find peace in the afterlife following her ridiculous suffering here on this God-forsaken earth.

Don't forget to say a prayer for Yue Yue. But more than that don't forget to say a prayer for ourselves. Pray for the salvation of mankind and for our souls.

Information on Yue Yue's progress is hazy at best. Some sources claim she has died while other independant media reported that she is virtually brain-dead but so far is responding well to treatment. However, just days ago, various international media have confirmed that Yue Yue has succumbed to her injuries.

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  1. Very well written piece Dom.. thanks for sharing the more intricate details of the story.. it's a sad story, and we all hope she's better off somewhere else now..

  2. Being holed up in work the past few weeks, this is the first time I'm hearing about Yue Yue.. thanks Dom for sharing. Sadness :(

  3. An understandably profound article there, Dom, yet it isn't something we're estranged from.

    I think we're all sad, quite pissed off and bewildered at the same time.

    I would've acted. If not for saving a life, then it's for me to sleep peacefully at night.

    Hopefully, our fellow Malaysians aren't as apathetic... and pathetic.

  4. Thanks Dom. Speechless... in total shock that this is the world we are living in. Prayers go out to Yue's family, salvation for mankind and our souls. Pam. *hugs*