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Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to my lovely aunt, Eleanor Lee!

I don't understand why some people dislike their birthdays. Birthdays are good for you. In fact, statistically, it has been proven that those of us with more birthdays, tend to live longer.

But seriously folks, on the fine evening (which is hardly relevant, save for artistic pomp because we ate inside) of 21st July 2010, the Lee's (inclusive of the relevant offspring), Kee's (inclusive of the relevant offspring) and two friends, got together to celebrate the abovementioned celebrant's birthday. In the interest of self-preservation, I shall not state her age here. Suffice to say, age isn't really a bad thing... if you consider the alternative. Heck, even my mom has stopped lying about her age. Thank goodness for that, because if not, I'm already older than she is.

The fancy chinese-several-coursed dinner took place in Ee Chinese CuisineEastin Hotel. Despite the name which suggests either disgust ("Eeeeee!") or MSC status (e-Chinese anyone?), it was impressive and swanky-looking with ultra efficient waiters/waitresses. Can you believe that the starter was actually three different kinds of fishball, one of which was wrapped in bacon. Gladness and joy! Another dish had something or rather to do with priests climbing over walls. Maybe the Romans were coming. I don't know. The rest of the dishes you can ask my brothers. I was taking photos.

Anyways, thank you Na Ee for the lovely dinner. Or was it, thank you Unker Charles?
Have a great birthday celebration, my dearest Aunty!

[Note to Reader: Fonts have been magnified for the benefit of the old foggies.]


  1. I guess ur dad is the one with specs and wearing white shirts with a big smile!! Look alike leh...macam acuan :P

  2. Both wore a white shirt, both have glasses, both are balding, both have tummy. But only 1 is my dad.. haha!