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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fujifilm X10: A Personal Experience (Part III)

As I was saying, give the X10 some natural light (or enough light for that matter), and it becomes an absolute monster! Such are the trials and tribulations of the small-sensor segment of photography. So far, with the X10 in my hands, I am having an absolute ball!

This afternoon I had to pop by my shoemaker to pick up my latest pair of salsa shoes. I took the opportunity for some totally washed out, high noon shots. I was pleasantly surprised.

With abundant light, the X10 starts to really shine. Its resolution, IQ and colour reproduction is comparable to, and surpasses (in some aspects), many other cameras, including DSLRs. This is of course open to debate, but I've seen it to work!

L: Slightly edited, notably I've driven up the saturation of the colours;
R: Same thing, only converted to B&W with virtually no B&W tweaking;

In the colour picture, notice the shaded part in the walkway compared to the washed-out sunny part outside? IN CAMERA, I was able to set a higher dynamic range setting to make the walkway clearer and brighter (DR 400%). In the lower DR100% setting, the shaded part was a nice and dark. Personal preference plays an important role here.

The B&W conversion here is a revelation! With slight tweaking to darken the 'dark' areas and lighten the 'light' areas, the B&W was impressive. It almost appears that the X10 was meant to shoot in B&W.

Barely edited, save for dialling some colours up. Shot at 1/200 f/11, getting this exposure was effortless! At this stage I'm totally hooked the possibilities of the X10. This one is definitely a keeper!

My lovely new, shiny Cuban shoes! I was shooting with the natural bright sunlight behind me. I wanted to edit more, but it appeared fine as it was.

Testing out the macro settings on this thing. Once again, impressive!

Testing out the macro settings on this thing. I was about a centimetre from the '0' button.

I was stuck in a traffic jam the other day on my way home from work. I just rolled down the window and shot this. The picture, with minimum editing. retained sharpness and colour (it was a cloudy day, just finished raining). I noticed the tone is a little strange but perhaps it had something to do with the cloudy day and my manual settings which were slightly off.

Benny, the Wonder Dog. Getting him to keep still was impossible. I missed the speed and precision of a DSLR but nevertheless, I adapted accordingly. I was concerned with loss of detail during zooming, but this shot isn't half bad (I think).

Benny the Wonder Dog is back for more mischief. He just wouldn't leave me alone. He started rolling over to catch my attention, before high-five-ing me several times. This was shot at the widest focal range (28mm equivalent).

Next up: After a great meeting with Daniel from Photomalaysia, an avid film shooter who has a world of knowledge about the X10 specifically, I'm going to try to optimize my settings based on his advice!

For those of you who like statistics:
Vital Stats for November: 1 post 9 pics
Vital Stats So Far: 166 posts 6,210 pics

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  1. I like the shot of the shoes. The dynamic range in the shots of the shops looks pretty good. Pretty good little camera. I wonder what kind of lag time from the moment you press the shutter release button and when the photo is recorded.