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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Drift Street Party in Bangsar [16-12-2010]

It was the afternoon of Thursday, 16th December 2010. Having randomly taken leave from work on this day, I had just woken up without the assistance of alarm clocks. Curse my set body clock. Anyways, I awoke to the familiar beep of the Whats App application in my iPhone, where one of my friends informed me of a 'car show' taking place next to Bangsar Village II. I tried to call my friends in Damansara Heights and Bangsar to ask them about this but strangely, no one at that moment knew what was going on.

So i decided to head down there all by my lonesome. It seems that someone blocked the entire row from Devi's Corner all the way to EON Bank, to set up displays of unrelated stalls (come on fellas, Tongkat Ali and Property Management company? At a performance car display?) as well as to park their supercars there. You heard me. No less than 15 Ferrari Maranello (I think), a couple of Murcielago and several BMW 5 Series. For me personally, the cream of the crop was a Lamboghini Diablo, with the license plate "666". Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Moving on to the girls (of course there were girls!) I didn't really like the current batch. Someone suggested that this event served leftovers from KLIM. Haha. But I stand to disagree on several of these girls. Some of them are quite attractive. Of course I tried to make them look better using my photography. Tell me what you think.

On a different note, at the time of posting, I still could not find any information on this street party. I am aware that there was some drift event being held at Dataran Merdeka and I think I would be right to assume that Thursday's street party culminated in at the Dataran Merdeka Drift Exhibition. Can someone help to confirm that for me?

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