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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Felix and Jessie Symons' 30th Wedding Anniversary

Marriage is not a word. It's a sentence......a life sentence.

Wow. 30 years. That's a really really long time. I would think it seems even longer if you happen to be married. [Applause] How about that 'Marriage Being A 3-Ring Circus' joke? You know, the Engagement Ring, the Wedding Ring & the Suffer-ing? [Applause] So the other day I asked my father, "Dad, is it true that in ancient China a man doesn't know his wife until he marries her?" My dad replied, "Son, that happens everywhere!" [Applause]

But enough jokes. This glorious event is about Felix & Jessie Symons, a wonderful, warm and lovely (married I might add) couple my family have had the greatest fortune of being acquainted with. Their fattest, I meant eldest, son Calvin Symons, whom I personally have the greatest misfortune to be acquainted with, happens to be one of my better friends. 4 tables of friends, family, and friends-like-family got together in a private room of a quite oddly named restaurant (Extra Super Tanker anyone?) in Bukit Utama, to celebrate the 30th wedding anniversary of the lovely parents of Calvin, Benedict and Angeline Symons.

Ahh, the bliss of marriage. You know what they say, a happy marriage is a matter of give and take. The husband gives, and the wife takes! [Applause] Holy cow! I know love is blind, but clearly, marriage is an eye-opener indeed. [Applause] The other day, Eugene Lau got married (Congratulations my good man), so I was thinking I wanted to get married but I didn't have enought money. I asked my dad, "Dad, how much does it cost to get married?" My dad replied, "I have no idea Son, I'm still paying for it." [Applause] Kinda reminds me of a friend of mine. He told me he would go through hell for his girlfriend. He later married her and is now going through hell. [Applause]

During the celebrated couple's mid-dinner speech, Auntie Jessie mentioned something about having authority around the house. I know in the 1st year of marriage the man speaks, the woman listens, in the 2nd year, the woman speaks the man listens and in the 3rd year, they both speak and the neighbors listen.... but 30 years? I think now the children speak and both the man and woman ignore. The neighbors have gotten used to it as well. [Applause]

Thank you folks, you've been great! I'll be here all week! I love this town!

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  1. Well captured moments Mr Kee...well done...