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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Great Miri Escape: Day 1


Having never been to Miri before, I was real excited to visit my heng dai’s hometown. Playing the tourist part comes easy to me, what with my bulky camera and all.

Saturday, 31st July 2010 started out funny enough. I was out dancing a storm on Friday night and decided in all my wiseness (or was that ‘wisdom’?) that I should not sleep, since my flight departs at 7.20 am. After re-hydrating I was back home at 3.30 am, packed my bags there and then, slept for 15 minutes and headed out to pick-up David and Sam. Then it was off to LCCT for the Great Miri Escape. Daniel, Alvin and Jess were in Gary’s car. The rest of the crew were MIA due to various reasons.

Gary suggested we park in the nearby Tune Hotel for about RM 20.00 a day. Much cheaper than LCCT’s parking valued at about RM 146.00 for 4 days. The downside is there is a 1.5KM (approx) walk to the terminal. Regardless, I suggest you folks do the same when you do travel.

After 2 uncomfortabubble hours in AirAsia’s finest, we arrived at the Miri Airport close to 10 am. I am grateful I’ve got reasonabubbly pretty Air Stewardesses. One, a squinty-eyed blonde Chinese with a permanently set Joker-Juice smile, another a younger, depressed, unsmiling Malay girl. No Ah Qua’s this time. Boom!

Leo and PPJ greeted us at the airport and The Great Escape started out with a bang. First off: Sarawak Kolok Mee and Sarawak Laksa at one of Leo’s regular haunts. As stereotyped as it was, we could not resist.


Next stop was our rented service apartment – The Imperial Something. The place looked pretty amazing. Here's a picture of a picture behind the Hootel Reception.

After checking in, we headed out to tourist-y destinations. Well, just one actually: The Petroleum Museum, where we were acquainted with the Grand Old Lady of Miri, who is actually the nagging, overweight first wife of a former British colonist. Or maybe it was an oil rig.

After that it was more food. A local pork dish was pretty good if not for the fact that this was our 3rd meal today. And it was only 1 pm. 

We returned to the hotel after that and we all slept for a bit. Halfway through, Gary, David and myself woke up and wanted to sauna at the gym downstairs. Following which there was a dinner at Leo’s restaurant and some drinking games at BARcelona (Miri) nearby the hotel. 0-0-7-piang! Ahh! Oddly enough, BARcelona was playing salsa and merengue music.

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