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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Slash in Malaysia [5-8-2010]

Dear Lord Almighty.

Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child 'O Mine. Have a little Patience, its been 14 Years and you're Knockin' On Heaven's Door waiting to take me down to the Paradise City. I Used to Love Her but Since I Don't Have You, you'll say to me Don't Cry, Ain't It Fun? In times of Yesterdays, You Could Be Mine, but after some Bad Obsession and the Civil War between us, we'll just Live and Let Die beneath the November Rain.

Dear sweet baby Jesus.

An icon is in town tonight (retrospectively, 'tonight' happens to be 5th August 2010). And not just any town. Kuala Lumpur town. And not just any icon. A legend. The Legend. Saul Hudson a.k.a. Slash, who achieved immense popularity and status from the 80's on lead guitar for Guns 'N' Roses, is showcasing his amazing musical talent at the Sunway Surf Beach tonight.

Although it is widely known that He (Slash) did not actually like the iconic songs He was associated with throughout his illustrious career, nevertheless, that did not affect his ability to rock the shit out of every stage He graced. Although Axl Rose is rather loopy these days, most of us will forever cherish the 'Appetite for Destruction' GNR line-up of: Axl Rose (Vocals), Slash (Lead), Izzy Stradlin (Rhythm), Duff McKagan (Bass) and Steven Adler (Drums). Buckethead can keep his chicken.

Reports read that Slash promised to play his new solo material as well as his classic GNR pieces - and that he did! He played several Velvet Revolver songs and of course, Guns and Roses songs 'Civil War', 'Paradise City' and the classic, 'Sweet Child 'O Mine'.

To watch your (rock) God live on-stage is something words cannot explain. Air Supply didn't wet my pants the same way. The only problem is, I could not bring my DSLR in. No one could. Point & Shoots were fine though. Nevertheless, my heart is broken into a million billion pieces. All I could use is my pathetic iPhone camera. Regardless, Slash claims to love Malaysia (this being his first time here). He loves the weather, he loves the food, and he loves the women here! Malaysia loves you too man! Come back soon!

On a personal note: It's time to invest in a decent point and shoot...

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