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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Leonard & Nicole: Happily Ever After (Set 3.1) a.k.a. The Great Miri Escape: Day 2


OK. This next set is is huge to say the least. Welcome to the 2nd Day of the Great Miri Escape. It is 1st August 2010 and I'm going for the ride of my life!

As the photog of the day, I'm bound by convention to trail the wedded couple without care or concern for myself - of which I did with great enthusiasm and gusto. It's not everyday one of your close friends get married. Hopefully not anyways. We woke up tired and groggy from the night before and we hurriedly got ready to leave. Some of the Miri heng dai was coming to the Imperial to ferry us to Leo's house where the morning's ceremony was about to begin.

At Leo's house we were treated to some Miri breakfast - Kolok Mee, Bee Hoon or Kuey Tiau. Took some 'pre' photos there:-

After that it was a short convoy to the hootel ('Short' because everything in Miri is sorta close by) for the 'games' or 'obstacle course'. For the uninitiated, when Chinese people get married, traditionally the bride and groom get together to argue over the menu, break plates, dance in a circle and sacrifice one-eyed goats. Wait. That's not it. That was my family-related event last week.

Anyways, the groom, assisted by his buddies or 'heng dai' is supposed to show his commitment to the union by making his way past 'obstacles' set up by the bridesmaids or 'chi mui'. If I got anything wrong there you can't blame me. I'm from Tyne up North-East. Nevertheless, you can get the details from Leo. I was taking pictures.

Once the groom has 'obtained' the title deed to his new bride, they both set out back to Leo's house for the tea ceremony.

After that its back to the hoootel for some R and R. The boys and I went out for some non-dodgy massage across the road and had tea before rushing back for the nights events.

To be continued.

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