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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Malaysian Salsa Festival 2010 (Set 1 of 3)

"Here we are, born to be kings. We're the princes of the universe..."

Here we are indeed. Cheers and congratulations to Havana Estudio for submitting the largest contingent of the MSF 2010!

On 7th - 8th August 2010, it's that time of the year again. In the years previously, MSF was always being held at some faraway island resort - in line with Lin (Hamid)'s 'salsa getaway' concept. However, this year, MSF was held in...... ISTANA HOTEL! Gladness and joy! This meant that more people could go and did not have to pay through their noses. Although this is probably our last MSF. My first MSF happens to be my last? Nasty stuff.

This one was kind of special to me additionally, moreso because I was due to be broken in: It was to be my 'virgin' performance (as one Spikey-Breasted-Woman once sang). Although I'm not too much of a stranger on stage, nevertheless, i've never danced on it before except for one occassion, but it turned out to be hives instead. Butterflies ensued. But a remarkable amount of thanks to (in this particular order):-

1) Sam and Aishah;
2) My (A) Team mates;
3) Everyone at Havana Estudio, especially the Seniors;
3) Nestor (who after giving me advice before the show, later told me, "Now that wasn't so bad wasn't it?"); and
4) One sweet Aussie girl whom i danced with who rather cheerfully told me how great our performance was (despite my protests). Upon editing my photos, i realised she was part of the amazing Oren's performance team on Saturday. God bless her poor judgement on me.

To cut a long-story short, the A-Team did outstanding except for me. I screwed up and to make matters worse, there is photographic proof of my slip-up... sob sob. Not forgetting of course, the B and C Team (who happen to be comprised of the Senior Dancers) who had the opportunity to partake in some remarkable choreo (from Sam and Aishah of course).

Anyways, this is a photoblog, NOT a 'Dear Diary'. You're not interested in my ramblings. I took a ton of pics but almost all of it are performance action shots. Will try to make sure all the acts get displayed here. Cheers and enjoy.

All photos are posted in chronology. If you don't like my sense of time-line, you can bugger my dogs, Bob and Milo.

Continued in the next post...

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