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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


For all and sundry following my humble photoblog since July/August 2010, I thank and salute you! For all those who supported me with your compliments, your criticisms and your love, I am grateful! For some of you who came, saw, liked what you saw, and decided to hire me, I am honored!

The new year did not actually bring many pictures as of yet. I have several photosets but have not been posting anything. I attribute this to a spot of writer's (or photographer's?) block I think. Anyways, January itself brings up a fairly exciting line-up of events:-

(a) Ruben & Yvonne's wedding on the 15th (I'm not sure if he wants me to do the dinner but I'll be there in the morning);

(b) Thaipusam on the 20th (I've got something particularly special planned for this one. Keep tuned-in for more);

(c) A good buddy, Raj's fitness event, UNLEASED 2011 on 22nd to be held at Bukit Jalil Stadium (thanks Raj!); and

(d) Havana Estudio January Monthly Social: First of Many...

In addition to the above, I've also got a few pictures of the Christmas open house that took place in.... wait for it.... my house, on 15th December 2010.

Of course we can't forget the extremely popular Havana Estudio monthly social, which was to take place on the last Saturday of December 2010 if not for the fact that the same day was Christmas Day. Therefore the social was shifted to the following FRIDAY, 31st DECEMBER 2010. You can guess the pandemonium that followed.

It's going to be a busy First Half but It seems that the new year is starting out pretty well already...

For those of you who like statistics:
Vital Stats for January: 1 posts 379 pics 
Vital Stats So Far: 40 posts 1,489 pics

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