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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happily Ever After: Ruben & Yvonne - Part 1: Of Heng Tai & Chi Mui [15-1-2011]

Let the games begin!

Holy cow, it was like, yesterday that I met these guys. Now they're getting hitched. Mr. Ruben was nice enough to ask me to shoot his marriage registration a couple of months back, and now, he asked me to follow-up with the 'games' and ceremony taking place on the morning of the 15th of January 2011. In Ingo's own words, we are going to, "snatch the Bride". Then snatch we shall.

The process requires no introduction. The Groom, aided by his 'brothers' or heng tai endevour to 'acquire' his Bride, who coincidentally is being protected by her 'sisters' or chi mui. They will most likely be holed up in their hen-fortress somewhere and the boys will have to break in. I will attempt, once again, to document this curious ritual by way of pictures.

My humble presence has been requested at Ruben's house on the morning of the 15th at 7.30am. What sorcery is to take place at such an un-Godly hour? And I have also been told that the theme for that morning would be "The Transporter". I'm not particularly sure if I should dress in a black tie and suit, complete with a buff bod, a hairy chest and receding hairline - or should I put an Intrakota uniform on... 

To be continued in Part 2...

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