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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happily Ever After: Ruben & Yvonne - Part 2: Snatch the Bride [15-1-2011]

Dear me. The people here all look so lovely.

In retrospect, the heng tai kinda got off real easy. One of the first 'obstacle' is the sweet / sour / bitter thingy, where they were made to drink homemade concoctions of drinks which, in my opinion, would do no favours to one's digestive system. There is the 'sweet' drink, the 'sour' drink and of course, the 'bitter' drink - all to represent that the Groom is willing to take the good and the bad of the marriage.
After that, the heng tai were made to put on women's underwear. It's not what you think. They put it on on top of their clothes, with oranges (one guy got a pineapple...) stuffed as mammary padding, as well as granny-panties with grapes tied on the crotch area. The heng tai were required to eat each other's grapes - without using their limbs.
After that, the heng tai wasted no time in rushing the front door of the hen-fortress. In a most spectacular fashion due to the nature of the corridor, we reached front door. After some intense haggling and beer-guzzling (?), the heng tai once again prevailed.
On a separate note, I've never actually seen a case where the heng tai did not win. That would be kinda funny wouldn't it? If some sad groom actually had to go back because his forces were not valiant enough. I'm chuckling to myself thinking about it.
Anyways, the point here is that: We Did It. Ruben is (re)united with Yvonne and they all live happily ever after. The end? I don't think so.....  

To be continued in Part 3...

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