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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Confirmation Class of 2011 [8-5-2011]

Congratulations to the Kristus Aman Confirmation Class of 2011!

For the uninitiated, Confirmation is a rite of initiation undergone by teenage Catholics, normally at the age of 15 in Malaysia, as a form of coming-of-age rite or a mature statement of faith made by an already-baptised member of the congregation. In lay-men's terms, many Catholics are baptised at birth, effectively removing the 'willful' element of the conversion into the religion. Subsequently, when those members of the faith have reach 'full-age' (a subjective term no doubt) the question of their faith is posed to them in order to 'confirm' their willingness in this endeavour.

Another interesting point in the Rite of Confirmation is the practice of the Confirmands to select 'Christian' names for themselves, often choosing names after Saints whom they admire. If they already do have an english name, they will often select a middle name in the same manner.

The said Rite of Confirmation took place at the still-brand-new Jesus Caritas church in Kepong. I must say, It looks TOTALLY different from when I went through my own Confirmation, some time in '95. Now it looks absolutely lovely and I hope my pictures are able to show that.

Being so out of touch from my parish of Kristus Aman, I could barely recognize the Confirmands, and of course, they did not know me, me from the Old Skool. It's a definite sign that I'm getting on in age...

For those of you who like statistics:
Vital Stats for May: 4 post 165 pics
Vital Stats So Far: 73 posts 2,953 pics

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