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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Happy Birthday Dad! [1-5-2016]

Happy birthday Mr. Albert Kee!

Last weekend, my family celebrated Dad's birthday with chinese food at the new-look Atria, some restaurant called Red Dragon, or something like that. All the kids were present, including Emily and Sera Lin, except for David, gallivanting somewhere in Europe apparently.

As usual I don't make it a habit to take food shots (I'm a people person), but the food presentation was not all that fancy to begin with. Some dishes were nice and the cost for 7 pax was alllllright. Service was OK and the waiters seem really busy running around. Not sure if I would return again though.

So, one day prior to his Name Day, Albert Kee, First of His Name, pre-celebrated his 62nd awesome year. Us kids have probably never been as good children as we ought to have been, particularly me, but we love this man. He's never one to draw attention to himself, but what he has given us over the years, we as a family, or me as a human being would never have been able to go this far. We owe him more than we can imagine.

Here's to you Dad!

By the way, I don't think anyone has ever gotten pictures of my Dad smiling like this, ear to ear. I've never seen him so happy in pictures.

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