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Friday, April 29, 2016

Hatyai Excursion April 2016: Part III

The last day (Sunday) here, Emily and I were going ape-shit walking around and exploring some old parts of the city. Specifically the dodgy parts. It was pretty awesome in a rustic way but I didn't want to bring my huge-ass camera there for safety and security reasons. After walking for what seems like forever, we got back to the hotel and rested. At night, we wanted to head out again to make the most of what time we had left in Hatyai.

First stop was dinner with the family and the rest of the Hatyai Gang. We headed down to a seafood restaurant recommended by a tuk-tuk driver my mother befriended. As we stopped, I wandered for a bit for my street shots of this busy area.

I also dabble in some weird black and white 'noir' experimental shots. There is a strange mystery about this shot that I like.

The said seafood restaurant, where we ate. The food was not bad, and the price average. It costs about 15 pax some RM300+ with crabs and fish. Not the cheapest but it was OK. I made I caught the details of the outlet just in case any of you wanted to check it out in Hatyai.

Casual shots, i.e. bored and waiting for food. That is me mum in red. Hello Mom!

This is me dad, on the left with the glasses. Hello Dad, and thanks for dinner!

Yeah, another one. He did pay for dinner.

My darling sister, Kathryn, whom I can't find on Facebook anymore because she changed her name to some ambiguous word to avoid Facebook stalkers. I love her so much!

Uncle Charles. I couldn't get one of my Aunt Eleanor because Kat was blocking me. Also... nevermind.

After dinner we took the same tuk-tuk and headed out to this massive open air shopping bazaar known as 'Greenway'. A shot from inside the said tuk-tuk.

More Hatyai Noir shots. Drive by shooting I like to call it.

My lovely model, Emily Chua. Isn't she pretty?

The outside area of Greenway, which is quite huge in total. We started out here.

Interesting story here.. In my experience, walking around in a foreign country with a large camera strapped on you, you'll more often than not get photo ops like this one - I shot this adorable little Thai girl who was enthusiastically making faces at my camera to the amusement of her mother. I showed the said mother her photos and she wanted a copy. I told her no problem, just give me an e-mail and I'll share the love. She told me to wait for her husband, so I walked off to explore, promising I'd return before the close of the night to get it from her.

As we were walking around the said mother later managed to find us in the huge crowd to pass me a piece of paper with her husband's e-mail address. How can you not appreciate such tenacity right? Well, in another 30 minutes, she managed to catch up with us again to tell us the previous e-mail address didn't work, and handed me a second piece of paper with another e-mail written on it. I guess she really liked the shots.

When I got back, I quickly edited the photos and I wanted to send it out ASAP, but unfortunately, the e-mail she gave me, also didn't work. Not sure why. I'll keep trying as long as I remember, because that lady did try very hard and I'd be disappointed not to be able to pass the shots to her. Here are the shots of that little girl. I don't know what she was trying to do here, but I thought it adorable.

 A random shot of this stall that sold tie-dyed t-shirts. I got one, but it was kinda pricey. Grammar Nazi in my shot this because of the misspelling. Also nice colors.

In between the outside area and the inside are of Greenway, there was this! I almost jumped in myself! The place apparently closes at 10pm and as we walked out around 10pm, the entire structure was already deflated and cleared out with lightning efficiency.

One thing I noticed about Greenway in particular which the other shopping bazaars did not have - animals for sale. I am against the sale of animals under such commercial conditions as I don't support most breeding methods and living conditions imposed by many commercial pet stores.There were puppies and kittens for sale, all beautiful and cramped in small cages. The kitten cages were small but housed up to 5 kittens who was draped all over each other. Most were sleeping. Another small cage of 5 playful puppies was there. Then this cage caught my eye, with a lone, solitary kitten. Ohmagad, those eyes.... I swear something in me died a little and I almost adopted this one, just because I wanted to save him/her.

Next to the open air area of Greenway, was this domed area. I just thought the awning made for some nice lines. Greenway was bigger than this though, but not much interesting shots to take. Oh hello Emily! There you are!

On the way back, finger itchy, took more street noir shots. See you again Hatyai. I won't be back anytime soon, but I will most likely be back for the wandering, shopping, midnight tomyum soup as well as with my camera to see how you've changed, hopefully not as long as 20 years from now.

Thanks mum and dad for organizing this awesome bus trip. It was great to get out for the weekend. I was getting seriously burned-out in my KL life. Until next trip. Oh, yeah, I while shooting random shots, I chanced upon this, and gave it to my mom. Thanks for everything!

If you forgot what PART I was like, you can click on THIS LINK RIGHT HERE to go back and check it out!

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  1. Being a tad arty-farty, I react most to your Noir Series, Dom
    I tend to find colours, while colourful (du-uh) and exuding vibrance, life, and shit like that (!) can also distract these half(legally?)- blind viewer-eyes
    Something about your B&W shot ( no 5) that breathes mystery and that touch of nostalgia...
    Besides Which, I'm a sucker for blurry light-sources in photos! (note that in no way do I have the photographer jargon)
    Very nicely done indeed, Dom!