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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Most Lovely Family: Part I

Emily and I have known this lovely family for long time now, and just as the saying goes - "Time flies when you're having fun" - I barely remember how long. But we do remember the amazing times we've had with them.

Perhaps it isn't a big deal to some, but I think it is incredible how the four of us used to spend time together - somewhere earlier in this photoblog, there is a cute pictorial in Kelly's Castle - and not long after that, Suren came along. After adventures with Suren, Sunea came along not long after. Today, its not the four of us, we're up to six!

I recently took a few photographs of this lovely family and I can say that I love these guys more and more. Here's to many more years!

Keep watching this space, there are more pictures!

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