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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hatyai Excursion April 2016: Part II

The next day in our short Hatyai trip, a bunch of us rented 2 vans and did a little tourist run thingy. I didn't shoot many pictures because honestly, they were elaborate tourist-traps with little to no soul. Plus the excessive bumpy rides were giving me a massive migraine causing me to sleep constantly.

But I did get some interesting shots in our First Stop - a seaside restaurant, that literally bred their own fish. Not uncommon but I like how they had a pier which went in about a 100 meters into the sea and linked up with a lovely infrastructure of piers. Have a look and tell me what you think of them!

You can start walking into it here...

Some random funny things shooting from the sand. I thought it made a nice ambiguous shot.

At the end of the narrow pier was a larger installation. The wood was rotted in some places and rickety, but you guys know that hasn't stopped me before. I did take note of the satellite dish in that first hut.

A few pictures of the nets that they use to breed and keep(?) the fish. Don't blame me for any inaccuracies. I'm no fish breeding expert, just guessing. On the right...

... and on the left.

I thought this shot was composed pretty nicely. You think so?

Customary 'long-pier' shot. This is proof of the dangerous conditions some of us shoot in! Save the Photographers!

A close up on one of the nets.

As I walk further in, the road ahead gets interesting.

You can see the elaborate infrastructure of planks-on-stilts. City boy like me loved it to bits.

Oohh! Look! Boat!

In my humble opinion, another nicely composed shot. You don't have to agree with me. Most almost never do.

Remember the hut I first saw? This is it again.

My favorite shot of the entire set! Something so awesome about it!

 Some fluffy clouds.

 Another shot I like. Something very detached about it. Like me.

Made a new friend. Unusually scaly but no less cold-blooded than some of the people I know.

One of the destinations in our 'tourist-run' - the Songkhla Floating Market, which was frankly a massive disappointment as we were victims of gross, gross fraudulent misrepresentation. If the picture isn't clear, ask me when you see me.

The rest of the day was kinda a blur due to the extreme tiredness of mineself. Other tourist locations to note were:

1. A sleeping Buddha statue which was covered in scaffolding. What the serious fu...
2. A beach which was trying to popularize a bronze statue of a, wait for it, mermaid. A Thai beach wants to make an European mythical creature its mascot? Apparently you can rub its bronze tits for good luck. What the serious fu...
3. A tourist oriented shopping baazar.

I don't remember much afterwards. Was so bloody tired. Wait, there is more tomorrow! You can click on the link HERE to get to Part III quickly!

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  1. So beautifully taken and so proud of your photography skills.