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Thursday, April 26, 2012

My First Visit to Pulau Ketam [11-4-2012]

Welcome to Pulau Ketam! - Sun, sea and err... lots of mud. And fisher-folk.

On this fine 11th day of the fourth month, two thousand and twelve years after Christ himself, following the inauguration of our new King (who incidentally is old enough to be the first Royal to receive this honor more than once in his blessed lifetime) Big Brother has granted the rakyat a public holiday to commemorate this auspicious day. What do Malaysians do on impromtu public holidays? Visit Genting Highlands and/or eat seafood of course! We opted for the latter.

Armed with cameras (approximately 3, not counting the ones on your phones) my sexy self, along with salseros Emily and Arin, and resident salseros Tarek, Randev and Viktoriya, paid a visit to this quaint little island with the hope of catching some sights and eating some seafood.

Our United-Nations-inspired, rag-tag group made the most of our short day trip to Pulau Ketam. As some of you may know, Pulau Ketam is in fact a fishing village located a short boat ride from the Pulau Ketam jetty near Port Klang.The houses in Pulau Ketam are all on stilts given the muddy conditions of the Island, and believe it or not, some of these houses were pretty swanky. We ate seafood there (did you, now?), met some locals, avoided a crazy old man (literally), and took a ride on a boat (two rides to be exact).

Day done! And I've got the pictures to prove it.

"I'll be back... to Pulau Ketam."

The lovely Viktoriya Cantpronounceherlasname.

The main mode of transportation on the Island.
Whats the United Nations doing in Pulau Ketam? Seafood you say?

 The ladies strike up a pose, as ladies usually do.

What did you expect we'd get out of the sea? Cows and chickens? 

The lovely ladies ambling on, as ladies often do. 

 L: Imagine living where you backyard is part of the ocean? It's like Maldives all over again.
R: Not a very effective door, until you consider that the narrow walkway is the only way in or out.

Net fixing apparatus.

The scene from the Pulau Ketam Jetty in Port Klang.

For those of you who like statistics:
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