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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

No More Tears in Heaven: Lau Chow Weng

There are no more tears in Heaven.

Frankly, there are insufficient words for me to try to express my sadness and remorse for the loss of good people - and one good man in particular, Uncle Chow Weng.

Years past, I was heavily involved in the Youth Ministry at my church, the Chapel of Kristus Aman, during what some of us remember fondly as the 'Golden Age'. My youthful generation, full of ability, pride and arrogance, joined up with an already established, mature and experienced Youth Ministry. What an explosive combination! we quickly esablished ourselves as a crazy and fun organization, with as much dedication to God and a common cause as well as the arrogance and irresponsibility of youth!

During this time we were under the care and guidance of several Youth Co-ordinators, and for an extended period of time, Uncle Lau Chow Weng and Auntie Ivy were our Youth Co-ordinators. This husband-wife pairing was impactful on the youths at the time, in that they were very close to us young 'uns. Their hands-on approach to our well-being as Catholics and young people ensured them a firm place in many of our memories. My fading memory even remembers barbeques at their place in Taman Tun.

Although regret may not be suitable at this point in time, I do regret now that I perhaps did not appreciate them as much as I should have. In fact, I lost contact with them (barring the occassional hellos and small talk when I randomly bumped into them) for a number of years, up until recently when to my utter surprise, they popped up in Sam's studio for a weekend salsa class.

In fact, what wrenches my heartstrings the most is that I saw Uncle Chow Weng and Auntie Ivy only a few months ago at one of the Havana Estudio monthly studio parties. I even took pictures of him dancing. 

I visited Uncle Chow Weng in his home not long after he was released by the hospital. He was determined to live out his remaining moments in the presence of loved ones. His family had already accepted God's will in all this and their strength was incredible. To possess even a fraction of their strength in these extremely trying times is unheard of, save and except for the most exceptional of tales. I went up to Uncle Chow Weng, who was lying in his bed wrapped up in those infernal tubes and wires (how I hate seeing all those damned tubes - reminded me of my dearly beloved Grandma approximately a year ago), and I asked him:

"Uncle, salsa how now?"

His eyes widened and his face instantly broke into a wide grin at the word 'salsa' and he laughed weakly. In a strained, tired whisper he tried to tell me he wanted to dance. I broke down uncontrollably at the sight of that smile. That look will stay with me for a while, I tell you.

I write this article with tears in my eyes, for the loss of a good friend, mentor, father, husband, salsero, and most of all, a good man. With reference to a certain maestro, there will be no more suffering and no more tears in heaven. Uncle Chow Weng, I pray that you find peace in the new life after this wretched one. In a bittersweet way, while us mortals continue to mourn our loss, paradoxically, we will rejoice that you have found your place at His side.

Goodbye, for now, and until we meet again.


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1 comment:

  1. Hey Dom,

    I randomly googled my dad's name and this came up. I never knew this existed but thank you for writing this. This has brought tears to my eyes again but I'm glad for your posting. I am going to save a copy of this page to look back on.

    It's amazing looking back at how much influence/impact my dad made...Reminds me of our Youth Camp "Heaven Is A Place on Earth" in Genting when we talked about how the way each of us live creates ripples, affecting those around us. One thing that became clear to me during the last few weeks and days was that although I knew my dad had a strong personality with no doubt a strong impact in people's lives, I never could have fathom the immense positive force he has been. He didn't just make ripples, he made waves.

    Thanks again.