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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mariam's Baby Shower! [25-2-2012]

Happy days! Thank you so much Rizal and Mariam, for inviting me to shoot Mariam's Baby Shower on Saturday, 25th February 2012. This joyous event was held at the Flora Cafe, Ampwalk building on jalan Ampang. It was a pretty nice place to say the least, with fancy chandeliers and soft lighting. Perfect place to celebrate her incoming little bundle of joy.

I have to say once again, their respective families are really lovely people - warm and welcoming. In fact they made me feel like I myself was family. You don't get this kind of warmth and sincerity very often these days, so I welcomed it. I probably worked even harder to get the 'emotional content' I'm known for in these kind of events. After all, in a happy event such as this, how hard could it be?

I hope you like some of the shots I'm about to post up. If you have any comments, please do leave a message for me here, in this photoblog itself.








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