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Friday, February 10, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 Through My Squinty Eyes.

Disclaimer: Dry humour and worse photographs ahead. Please view at your own risk. The author bears no liability whatsoever for lost appetites, severe migraines and other health risks of reading my lame-ass jokes.

This year's Chinese New Year celebrations were horrid. For the first time in my living memory (not counting that time I 'died' for 3 minutes) my beloved family did not return to their respective hometowns. Balik kampung so to speak. Besides the obvious lack of ang pows the other obvious thing was the lack of things to do. So Munning and I decided to swing by Melaka for a spot of makan-makan and jalan-jalan.

Just as we arrived in Melaka, Munning and myself drove out to meet Emily in town. As we were waiting for her to finish off her errands, Munning and myself decided to explore the restored and renovated surrounding area beside the Melaka River. There we found a quaint little Buddhist temple, which is known and popular with the locals, along with other pleasing sights.

This is a picture of a rusted gate of an abandoned home. Nothing more. I just though it a little creepy with those 2 little stools behind the gate.

Lost time. I don't know why I am drawn to strange things, like I was drawn to this watch on the floor.

The Melaka River Cruise in full swing. Did you know Datuk Shah Rukh Khan was invited on one of these cruises during his historic visit to the state of Melaka to personally accept his Datuk-ship? At least I think it was this kind of cruise. Anyways, I'm sure Datuk Khan (from the epiglotus) had a swinging good time rolling on the river. Cue Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bollywood style.

A corner of the Melaka River from where I was standing.

The remaining concrete columns of a demolished and abandoned building. I put this one in black and white because I was trying to make it look like some long forgotten monument of a civilisation's glorious past. Alas, it still looks like concrete columns of a demolished, abandoned building.  

I like this one. An ambitious shot of the sun setting behind an abandoned carnival, which, as I was told, was a failed entertainment project by the Melaka state authorities. That roller-coaster did look pretty cool. Wonder what happened... 

We don't need no education. We don't need no, thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classroom. Hey terachers, leave those kids alone! All in all, you're just another brick in the wall. Thank you Pink Floyd, for showing us the way. On a side note, it also looks like a scary clown's face, or a vagina. With a little more marijuana, you can either see Homer Simpson, or Jesus Christ, depending on the stock of weed.

The doors of an abandoned cinema. Why did I take a picture of a set of doors, you ask? Well, I don't really know the answer to that one.

I find myself spookily drawn to this picture I took. I opened the above creepy doors and I peered in, half-expecting to find a fanged-clown to say hi to me. However, all I found was darkness. Only the cold, and unforgiving darkness. Then... SUDDENLY... Light.

A shot of Emily's lovely and accomodating mother. Smile for the camera auntie!

My travel partner and driver, the affable Mr. Munning. Take a bow Mr. Munning!

Our lovely host, Emily. Thanks for your hospitality (again). We appreciate it!

A few sights in and around Jonker Walk. Since photographers have shot Jonker Walk to death, I walked around looking for something different to shoot. I couldn't find much to be honest, since Jonker Walk was kinda closing when I got there. However, my sly eyes still found something quirky to shoot.

Need wide shots, but no Fisheye lens? No problem! We'll improvise.

I saw this psychedelic pattern caused by the reflection of some yellow Chinese New Year lights on a stainless steel hawker stall.

Ahh... an ancient curio store. Fancy that? I was just wondering where to go if I wanted to buy some ancient curios.

No, I am not interested in Dodol with Gula Melaka, which coincidentally are free from preservatives. I just noticed the pattern of the steel gates with that rectangular sign, under the maroon neon light.

One of the cats that Emily's mother feeds and cares for at their home. This photo is edited in black and white as well as to show extra grain in my attempt to imitate the texture found in old film photos.

Daisy, one of the bestest friends Emily could ever ask for, currently staying with Emily's mother in Malacca. Daisy is well-behaved and adorable.

We paid a visit to a newly established automotive museum in [  ], with an adorable collection of antique cars and motorcycles. With so many vintage vehicles in one place, do you really think my entire set of photos here would be in color? More practice and tests of my black and white processing ability.

Thanks for viewing!

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