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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cutest Babies in the World

I've got that thing about me where I insist vehemently that I do not like children. You know, they're loud, they smell, they're un-behaved. Such is the complexities and mysteries of our existence that ever so often, I keep coming across little children or infants who absolutely make my heart melt, turning me into disgusting goo. This is my small and latest collection of such rapscallions ever to grace my camera lens.

"Father asked us what was God's noblest work. Anna said men, but I said babies. Men are often bad, but babies never are." ~ Louisa May Alcott ~

Look at those eyes! You can get lost in them!

Pre-Liftoff meditation always helps. Always.

Megan, yer cheeky bugger, you.

Time to wake up!

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