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Monday, October 24, 2011

Bruno 'El Guajiro' Martinez @ Hakka Republic [22-10-2011]

He’s done it again! Mr. Fahmy Khai, salsa dancer, instructor, singer, musician and event organizer extraordinaire, proudly presents to you – Bruno Wilber Martinez (“El Guajiro”) supported by none other than Fahmy’s own Havana Jazz Timba, with guest star, Kai Fan on Conga.

Known by his moniker ‘El Guajiro’, Bruno Martinez returns to the Kuala Lumpur Latin Jazz scene after a 3-year hiatus. Bruno’s nickname, which roughly translates into ‘The Country Boy’ suggests Bruno’s humble Cuban background from which he has since exploded into an international artiste.

Bruno is supported by Fahmy’s own project, the Havana Jazz Timba, which boasts the impressive line-up of (in no particular order): Mirlay Aria Rives (Keyboard), Fahmy Khai (Vocals, Percussion), Johan Abdullah (Conga), Stan Calvin (Vocals, Drums), Terra Fauzi (Timbales), Wan (Double Bass) and guest star, Kai Fan (Conga). Let’s not forget our very own DJ Selva ‘El Papi Indiano’, who was spinning smooth salsa in between sets.

Bruno and Havana Jazz Timba entertained Latin Jazz enthusiasts present that night with popular Cuban classics such as Compay Segundo’s ‘Chan Chan’ and a lively Latin Jazz rendition of 'Sway'. Bruno, a true showman himself, entertained the crowd by playing complicated guitar solos with the guitar rested firmly on his shoulders, behind his head!

I had the honor of being Fahmy’s official photographer that night. Thank you Fahmy, for the opportunity to document your amazing event. Thank you also for Hakka Republic for the classy and comfortable location.

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  1. Estoy Muy Feliz de Que Ustedes Han hecho todo esto Con Mucho Amor, Gracias, Quel El Dios Los Bendiga en Todo..I am very happy that you have done all this with much love, thanks. That, God bless you all ..