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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kosar's Birthday Celebration! [10-9-2011]

With smoky, sultry and mysterious beauty, coupled with an amazing talent in dancing, how could you not fall head-over-heels for the lovely Ms. Kosar, belly-dance instructor extraordinaire? Tonight is her birthday and you guys are invited to join in on the celebrations!

First things first, this amazing celebration was organized by Mr. Fahmy Khai, salsa dancer numero uno, who is also one heck of an event organizer. He REALLY knows how to throw a party! Fahmy invited me to take some shots of the event, which I happily agreed.

Along with finding the right place to hold the celebrations, Fahmy also brought in one hell of a class act, in the form of Havana Jazz Timba, a Latin Jazz 8-piece line-up, consisting of (in no particular order) Stan Calvin (vocals, percussions), Fahmy Khai (vocals, percussions), Ernesto Enriquez (guitar), Pablo Calzado (drums), Mirlay Aria Rives (keyboard), Johan Abdullah (percussions), Firdaus (saxaphone) and Farid (trumpet). For those of you who appreciate Latin music, the live sounds of guitars, brass and percussions will rivet your ears to the music, make your feet tap and your booty sway.

Make no mistake salseros and salseras, dancing to live music is an entirely different thing, and Havana Jazz Timba is sure to blow you away! Take it from me.

After tirelessly playing several sets, and a combination of DJ Steiner and DJ Selva spinning cool sound in between sets, a very pretty lady in a smoking hot black dress was invited up on stage to sing a couple of tunes. This mystery girl turned out to be Gelareh Shebaini, international Persian pop singer! Birthday Girl Kosar joined them on the stage with a pair of maracas.

Finally, to top of a great night, Kosar herself came on stage to give an amazing belly-dance performance! Towards the end of her performance, a couple of dancers came up on stage to give her the time-honored salsa tradition, the birthday dance!

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  1. your photos is awesome. thumbs up man..stan calvin

  2. beautiful blue hue :)- jam