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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happily Ever After: Gary & Claire [17-9-2011]

Can you believe it?

The Mentakab Warrior is getting married. Fancy that. I still remember those days when he had long, blonde hair, his shorts & slippers combo, plus his singlet displaying his guns. When we saw him at his wedding, he had short cropped hair, was wearing a crisp brown suit and looked suitably…. Domesticated.

The whole ICKK Family was invited to Gary’s (the Mentakab Warrior, hereinafter referred to as “Warrior”) wedding with Claire. The one-day event was planned to start at 5.30pm, where there would be the actual swearing in and marriage registration, followed by dinner and entertainment. Sadly not all of us could be there for the Warrior’s Big Day. The ICKK Heng Tai Familia who was present (in no particular order): David (Melaka), Leonard (Miri) and wifey Nicole, Daniel (Ipoh), Alvin (Penang) and wifey-to-be (hehe) Jess (Setiawan), Chin Yee (Captain), wifey Lee Sung and son Jun Khoon.

Honorable mention has to go out to Frida (Sabah), who at the eleventh hour, had her leave pulled back, Sharie who was heavily pregnant and might pop at any time, and of course, Tiff who had already delivered not one week ago. Our sincere love to them and we wish they were there to share in the joyous occasion with us. Things were just not the same but we soldiered on.

After having lunch at Gohtong Jaya, Captain’s hybrid Toyota carriage led the way, followed by Daniel’s new Forte, and lastly mine own Sentra as anchor. Funny incident here. Captain referred to Google maps, which brought us on some God-forsaken trunk road and Daniel’s Garmin had no clue where we were. Nevertheless, we were driving along rural roads which led us to waterfalls and abandoned hilltops. Lovely. All's well though, and we eventually made it to Selesa Hills apartment safe and sound. We powdered our noses and headed to Tanahrimba, Janda Baik, a mere 10 minutes from our rented apartment.

The evening’s event started with the actual registration of marriage. Yes sir, they brought the registrars down to Janda Baik. The swearing in ceremony was accompanied by a lovely 3-piece band playing a cool selection of Latin hits. This was followed by the dinner. The buffet style dinner was refreshing as compared to the ‘entrance song’ one expects from the first course presentation.

After dinner, we were treated to several forms of entertainment, among others, Gary’s dad singing two cha-cha numbers, the Best Woman speech, the Best Men (Daniel and myself) speech, a Mexican dance between the Bride and the Groom’s father, and some light games to poke fun at the wedded couple.

Last bit of surprise, they made me salsa with the bride. Claire doesn't salsa, but she was happy to go along with it. A great end to a lovely night!

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