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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sirocco Secrets 3rd Annual Dance Recital [7-5-2011]

The term 'Belly Dance' which is used to describe a popular dance style originating from the Middle-East, is very curious. Very curious indeed.

Consider the fact that the actual belly of the dancer plays a small role in the said dance. In fact, the major movements of the dance are found in the dancer's hips. Let's not forget that while performing this dance in certain parts of the Middle-East, modesty is paramount and thus the belly will be covered with sheer pieces of cloth. This misleading misnomer can be attributed to literal translation of the French term for the said dance (danse du ventre).

In recent times, Belly Dancing has gained widespread worldwide popularity, contributed in some measure by celebrities such as Latin songstress Shakira. Shakira, of Colombian and Lebanese descent, has made the Lebanese form of Belly Dancing a part of her trademark routine. Today, you're bound to find a variety of women (and sometimes even men!) finding interest in this art. Some dance for health and fitness reasons, some as do it as a hobby, and some even belly dance professionally. 

In that regard, I bid you welcome to the 3rd Annual Sirocco Secrets Dance Recital! Sirocco Secrets was founded in 2003 by the very very lovely and extremely talented Sherlyn Koh. Herself an established and internationally renowned professional belly dancer, the list of her credential are as long and impressive as she is beautiful. Key elements of a successful dancer / dance teacher is passion, dedication and patience. Armed with these principles as well as a burning desire to share the art of belly dancing, Sherlyn actively motivates her students to partake in this art form. As a result of six months of hard work and dedication, Sirocco Secrets is proud to present to you....

My Oriental Dream 2011

I hope you enjoy the photos. If anyone is interested in this article, you can find more information by paying a visit to the Sirocco Secrets website by clicking on the link provided herein (

[My utmost apologies to all for the late posting of this article. The extremely large number of photos + a very, very busy May in preparation for a very, very, very busy June contributed to such delay. Thank you for your patience - Dom]

For those of you who like statistics:
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