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Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Welcome to Day 2 of the World Bachata Festival 2016!

Why Day 2? Well, Day 1 was full of incidents on my side, including an accident (my fault and due to rain) while on the way to Wisma Bentley. Lets not have unpleasant stories spoil what was a nice event.

I've been involved in the Malaysian Street Latin dance scene for a while now and I used to whip that 'ol camera out a lot more often. These days I've been occupied but I try to shoot from time-to-time. I have this theory that dance photos taken by dancers potentially had more impact, due to actual experience with timing and musicality. With each photoshoot I do, I hope this rings true for my shots.

The photos are not my best work, I admit. Anyone who shoots stage shots can attest that the toughest thing about these kinda pictures are the dynamic and ever changing lighting. Imbalanced lighting is often unforgiving and harsh.There were sooo many photographers that night with probably a variety of shooting styles, that I'm sure there are a ton of great ones.

But I tried my best and this is my Tribute to all Performers and the sacrifices they make, covered in Blood, Sweat and Tears, in putting on a show. I hope you like it. At least a little bit? Maybe? Come on, gimme a break!

As  usual, to all dancers in the photos, if you want high resolution shots of what I have, don't hesitate to ask.


Amar Singh and Dance Blaze Academy!


Lovely Ladies from LDA!

Coco and Vyara!

KL Son Project feat. Selva and Nefey!

Salseros with Attitude!

Nestor and Kalnish!

Bangkok Touch!

Jeremy Sim!

Modus Vivendi Student Team!

J.R. Gotengco!

Ricardo and Mariko!

Next up: Havana Estudio!

To be continued...

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