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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Adat Cukur: Baby Ray Raza [22-9-2012]

One of the joys of photography is the chance to record life events. Since time is a passing, fleeting moment, to capture and immortalize life's moments in pictures is truly one of life's underrated gifts, often under-appreciated for that moment, but cherished in time.

One such instance is the loving couple, Khalil and Mariam. Several month ago, before the Hari Raya celebrations, I was invited to shoot Mariam's baby shower. That must have went on better than I thought because surprise! After baby Ray Reza was born, I was once again invited to shoot the Adat Cukur taking place at their parent's house.

Baby Ray is getting annoyed with all the attention he's getting!

The tasteful and classy living room. Love it! 

Beautiful shot of the beautiful, glowing mother, Mariam.

What a spread! Khalil and Mariam actually catered for 2 whole stuffed goats!

A light and candid family moment

Amazing couple with their gift from God

I can hear hearts melting now

Mariam's gorgeous sister, and Baby Ray's... auntie.

Behind every successful man... presenting the Women of the House!

For those of you who like statistics:
Vital Stats for October: 1 post 40 pics
Vital Stats So Far: 160 posts 6,063 pics

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