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Friday, December 30, 2011

Ryan Lee's Fantastic Birthday! [30-10-2011]

Happy birthday Ryan!

Sorry the photos came out so late. My schedule has been totally ridiculous for the past two months. Nevertheless, I'm always glad to produce and share photos of my happy and joyous family. Belated congratulations to my dear cousin Ryan and also to his family, the Lees' for giving us such a wonderful, warm and full-of-love person in the shape of Ryan Lee!

Hope you like the photos!

Ryan and his mum, Aunty Eleanor (Lina Ee).

Cousins Dexter (R) and Ryan (L), horsing around.

Another dear Aunt Jackie (Poh Ee) with David Kee.

Ryan shows that he has gone to the dark side.

David Kee trying his best to be cheeky.

Albert Kee animated in conversation with brothers and sisters in Christ.


Albert Kee from the side.

Ryan and Mum.

David and Nicole. David's on the right just in case you were not sure.

Cousin Shu Fei and Nicole.

The motley crew of cousins and friends of the family. Oh, and there's David.

Chocolate delight.

Christina Kee and Ryan hovering over the cake.

The Lee family - From L-R: Charles, Nicholas, Ryan and Eleanor.

He Ain't Heavy... Nick and Ryan.

Birthday Boy strikes up a pose.

Father Mitchel and the Birthday Boy.

Thanks for viewing!

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