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Friday, December 30, 2011

Happily Ever After: Jazry & Diyana [19 and 27-11-2011]

This is arguably the first time a colleague invited me to shoot a commercial event. I guess I must have made a good impression after the photos I took at my Company's annual dinner, earlier this year.

Anyways, hearty congratulations are in order for Jazry and Diyana. I was initially invited to shoot the Bersanding Ceremony, which was held at the De Palma Hotel, Ampang on 19th November 2011. I must say, the facilities there were lovely. It was simple hotel but nevertheless the staff were professional and the set-up and props were extravagant and colorful. It strikes me that this hotel must be quite adept at hosting Malay weddings since everything seems to fall into place perfectly.

After the grand dinner on the 19th, the Groom's sister organized another smaller, warmer reception with close friends and relatives at Intercontinental Hotel on Jalan Ampang on 27th November 2011. I was invited to shoot this one as well. After the dinner, I have reached the conclusion that both the families there that night were very lovely and warm. I think these tewo lovebirds were made for each other!

Thanks to Jazry and Diyana for allowing me to post a few of their pictures on my humble photoblog.

Here are some photos of the night at the De Palma Hotel, Ampang:

The special table for the wedded couple and family members.

The lobster is one of the star attractions.

Some elaborate fruit arrangements.

Some flower arrangements in color with the theme of the night.

A view of the dinner hall near the entrance.

What's for dinner?

The lovely couple walking in. Notice Diyana's photogenic smile.

The wedded couple continues the slow walk in.

The wedded couple pauses for photo opportunities at the arch located near the entrance.

An adorable member of the procession.

Saying a prayer before meals.

Jazry, ever the gentleman.

There is that photogenic smile again.

Some fellow colleagues who were invited to the wedding dinner.

The theme for tonight is BLUE apparently.

Proof that you can have your cake, and eat it as well.

Diyana looks amazingly regal and splendid here.

Diyana dealing the best she can with all the well wishes from loved ones.

Diyana and a relative.

Diyana and a relative.
Here are some photos of the night of the second reception at the Intercontinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur:

Some of Jazry's cousins.

Guests at the reception in deep conversation.

Charismatic and talented singer from the Land Below the Wind.

Diyana's cheerful mother.

Kids, can't live with them, can't live without them.

The wedded couple share a light moment.

Diyana's father tending to hsi grand daughter.

Jazry makes a lovely and moving declaration of his love. 

The wedded couple in a duet.

Jazry initially planned to sing to Diyana. Halfway through the song, Diyana joined him onstage. Lovely.

The wedded couple thank the guests of the night.

Thanks for viewing!

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