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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Havana Estudio Presents: Helloween Special 2011 [29-10-2011]

Welcome back to the Havana Estudio October 2011 Studio Party, also known as the HELLOWEEN SPECIAL!

About this time every year, a variety of ghosties, ghouls, monsters and generally unpleasant characters decide to go walkabout in our neighborhood. How then, do we deal with these unwanted guests? Legend has it that we fight fire with fire! We dress up like them and attempt to scare the bejeesus out of them scary beings. Yee-ha!

Anyways, horror stories aside, the dressing-up tradition cultivated from Europe and the Yoo-Nited States, have been a staple part of our western-centric/western-envy culture right here in Asia, especially Malaysia. Our annual Helloween Special is certainly no different!

At last count, I’ve personally seen vampires (and sexy one's at that), pink bunnies, pumpkin heads (literally), the usual angels and devils, and one particular chap came as one of the 'clients' in the movie Hostel (not sure whether he realised it or not) - complete with the brown, blood-soaked apron.

Evidently, one of the biggest ‘hantu’ around has got to be that wanker behind the DJ console at some point of the night. You can sometimes catch him behind a camera larger than his actual ability to take photos, or to even dance for that matter. Beware of this 'Jiwang' character! He’s a real handful.

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Rueda Rueda!

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If you happen to be curious about how last year’s Helloween Special 2010 turned-out, have a look at the link provided below:

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