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Monday, November 14, 2011

Bangkok Salsa Fiesta 2011 - Part 3 (1/2)

Bangkok Salsa Fiesta 2011 – Part 3

Another full night of partying, and another late night supper at a 24-hour joint called Foodland on Sukhumvit Soy 16. Did you know that everywhere in Thailand sells pork? Heaven for me, not so friendly for some friends. I think I had pork dishes almost every meal, every day I was there.

I’m totally enjoying the company of new friends. ‘A’ is a joy to be around, and there are her friends, a lovely Thai girl named ‘Stop’. I didn’t think I’d get very far there. There was also a charming French dude called Suthat who couldn’t stop cracking jokes the whole weekend. A Sri Lankan chap by the name of Palitha, some Canadians by the name of Nick and Gwen, a Dutchman named Will, a beautiful Columbian-mixed-something girl by the name of Natalie and the loveliest Japanese girl who goes by Saori. Whew! Now you know salsa has international roaming.

The Street and Sounds of Bangkok

The third day in Bangkok was dedicated to more shopping! We’re off to Pratunam today! After shopping we met up with Shueh Miin, who was traveling with the Singaporean performance team for BSF 2011. The four of us took a really uncomfortable but memorable tuk-tuk ride to Sukhumvit Soy 38 for some excellent street food.

Please click on the photos below for a larger resolution picture.

Above: The craziest tuk tuk ride. Ever.

Bangkok Salsa Fiesta 2011 Part Tres!

We headed down to the venue of the Third (and final) Night Party of BSF 2011. Tonight, it was going to be held at the Dreams Hotel (again), on Sukhumvit Soy 15. La salsa es me vida!

As expected, we were waiting for the evening’s performance. We were not disappointed with the energy and the power of the shows this third night. However, there was a surprise show for us all… In their efforts to promote and encourage donations for the Thailand Flood Relief Effort, the Organizers got all the MALE instructors up on stage to perform for us – with each other. Madness ensued, no thanks to the insanity of having Reyno, Inaki and Vineet (among others) dance ladies steps! By the way, did I mention that I managed to capture photos of ALL THREE PERFORMANCE NIGHTS? Kudos to me!

Please click on the photos below for a larger resolution picture.

Above: Lani from Indonesia. I'd give anything to dance with her again!

Above: Gwen from Montreal. Easily one of my best dances of the weekend. Bar none.

Above: How could you not love Reyno? He's pictured here with Emily.


Continued in Bangkok Salsa Fiesta 2011 – Part 4 Coming Soon!

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