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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sabah: The Land Below the Wind - Part 2

Our second day in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Today, we’re going frolicking on a beach. Manukan Island beach to be particular. We decided against island hopping and decided to just chill out on one of the more popular islands, Manukan Island, about 20 minutes from Jesselton Point Jetty.

The weather was sunny and humid, as one would expect from a beach. The weather was lovely to tan (I got burnt instead) and the place was packed with local and international holidaymakers.

I didn’t want to swim, so I made a pest of myself with my camera. Lovely. Have a look at some of the photos and tell me what you think.

Above: Jesselton Point jetty, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. For the uninitiated, Jesselton is the old, colonial name for Kota Kinabalu.

Above: Chui Mei (left) and Emily (right) posing with the Jesselton Point arch.

Above: We're on the boat to Manukan Island. That's Aaron with the green t-shirt and dark glasses.

Above: We have arrived! A customary group shot on the pier at Manukan Island.

Above: Chui Mei (left) and Aaron (right) going green for Mother Nature.

Above: Chui Mei (left) and Emily (right) in front of the official entrance from the pier, into Manukan Island.

Above: In case of emergency, call the X-Men. A derelict lifesaver. Hopefully, we won't need to use it.

Above: Lifeguards on duty. To save lives and.... rent out mats for use on the beach at RM 5 a pop. Nice fellas really.

Above: A shot of the beach, with the Manukan Island pier in the background.

Above: Another shot of the beach with the oriental holidaymakers.

Above: A shot of the ocean, after a passing plane leave a trail of exhaust smoke.

Above: A shot of the ocean. That's actually Chui Mei (left) and Joe (right) in teh centre of the picture.

Above: A loving father and his son on his shoulders.

Above: More pictures of this father and son. I took several pictures of this family when the other 4 in my party decided to take a walk and leave me to guard our possessions.

Above: Such a loving family.

Above: Absolutely heartwarming (although it was pretty warm enough).

Above: Father and son finally turned to smile for the camera! Thank you, whoever you are!

Above: Close-up of a Scuba-Doo, a mini submarine of sorts.

Above: Another beach shot.

Above: A lovely shot of the beach trolley for the Scuba-Doos and oxygen tanks.

Above: A beach shot with holidaymakers in the background.

Above: A beach shot with holidaymakers in the background.

Above: The line which connect the safety net surrounding the swimming areas of the beach at Manukan Island.

Above: Scuba-Doo instructors/divers coming out of the water.

Above: A Scuba-Doo instructor/diver cleaning out the Scuba-Doo after a dive.

Above: The Scuba-Doos lined up for cleaning after a dive.

Above: A shot of the Scuba-Doo buoy.

Above: Free Willy!

Above: Emily starts her modelling gig.

Above: Same shot of Emily, in black and white.

Above: Emily with the sea in the background.

Above: Same of shot in black and white.

To be continued!

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  1. Some people may say the photos look "touristic" or "snapshotish" as defined by a certain forum, but I like them anyway because it's a record of our travel journey. At least having a photographic record is better than no record whatsoever. In any case technically speaking the photos are well-exposed and worth keeping :)