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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happily Ever After: Premjit & Meneka [11-7-2011] Part 2

Thank you for viewing Part 2 of Premjit and Meneka's Happily Ever After! These pictures were so lovely I couldn't bear to just post a few. So here we are, Part 2.

The evening at the Sime Darby Convention Hall started out pretty well. The before-dinner cocktails and drinks were immensely popular (not surprisingly) and when it came to dinner time, the guests moved seamlessly into the the dining hall. After a short wait, a couple of performers came on, with their elaborate costumes cabaret style. Very entertaining. In fact, at the end of their first routine of the evening, they even welcomed the food procession into the hall.

The dinner was MC-ed by none other than Parjit, radio DJ extraordinaire and youngest sibling of the family, and according to him, the most talented. At least no one could argue with his ability to MC. For anyone who knows him, of course he had to sing. And sing he did, even with a sore throat, he wow-ed the crowd with several of Par's Greatest Hits, including renditions of Ronan Keating's "When You Say Nothing At All" and Robbie William's cover of "Better Man".

As with any wedding dinner, there were the requisite talks by the Father of the Groom, the Best Man, I think Par had a word or two in there, and of course, the blushing Groom. An indication of the brotherly love going on there, after Prem's speech, Par made fun of Prem's British accent. Macha, all those years in England does that to you. One thing of note, I noticed a severe lack of cheesy 'wedding jokes', such as the joke about the 3 Rings (engagement ring, wedding ring, suffering), but I was grateful nevertheless.

Eventually, there was more dancing. This time a little more elaborate. The flashing colours of red, yellow, blue and green from the spotlight was bothering but I put that away quickly to shoot more pictures. Let us not forget another steadfast tradition of wedding dinners: The Cutting of the Cake as well as the Champange Tower. If you must know, this is all Standar Operating Procedure.

Once the evening was drawing to a close, the DJ decided to up the tempo with some killer dance tunes. Virtually everyone decided to dance off dinner. Sonia (the niece), the Ringleader, in particular had a splendid time jumping and bumping to the tunes with her 2 young friends on the stage. The rest of the guests chose instead to get smashed outisde the hall. Lovely.

My work here is done.

Thanks for viewing. I'm done now. If you wanna quick link to backtrack to Part 1, please click here:-

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