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Monday, April 25, 2011

Return of the King: We bid welcome to the Legendary 5D!

It has been a tremendous roller coaster ride since I upgraded to a second-hand Canon EOS 5D not too long ago. The test shots have since been amazing! But before I go too far, kindly allow me to explain a little bit for the uninitiated.

My older camera, the Canon EOS 50D, whilst considered an evergreen in the semi-pro camera segment (even in the presence of the 7D), is what is known a crop-sensor camera. To keep it simple for the gentle lay-folk, when photography went digital, pro cameras inherited the industry standard of the 35mm-film-equivalent full-sized sensor, also known as the Full Frame, which measures 36 x 24mm. However, due to economical reasons Full Frame (or 'FF') sensors were ridiculously expensive. Therefore, when digital photography became more and more popular with the masses, the industry started to produce cameras with smaller sensors, affectionately known as crop-sensor cameras. The size of these reduced sensors ranged from 29 x 19mm to 22 x 15mm.

Nevertheless, despite this, Canon pushed ahead and produced the worlds first and cheapest (at the time) FF camera in a crop-sensor camera body. Hence the birth of the 5D.

It would be an exercise in futility to go on and on about how good I think this camera is - since cameras are purchased based on our specific needs. However, in terms of portraiture, which is my niche, I don't know what I ever did without an FF camera. I should not describe too much. For those who know what I'm talking about, cool. For those who know not, I'd rather keep a few secrets to myself. One thing I will say though, is that for all those pros who told me that the true power of the 24-70mm will only reach its full potential on an FF body, well, they were right!


Lets give a rapturous applause to the King on his return!

P.S: A big thank you to my models, Emily and Jess. All shots were taken with a Canon EOS 5D, with EF 24-70mm f/2.8L and 580EXII.

For those of you who like statistics:
Vital Stats for April: 6 posts 195 pics
Vital Stats So Far: 65 posts 2,628 pics

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