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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ingo's Epic Battle to Snatch the Bride! - Part 2

Continued From The Previous Post...

After the completion of the Fourth Task, the Heng Tai felt encouraged in their endeavors and tried to rush through the Daisy-Chain Wall. You can only expect absolute mayhem. Nevertheless, the women put the men back in their places. As little flying insects (see the next part).

The Fifth Task: Bumblebees

One of the better tasks i have ever seen - selected Heng Tai were required to dress up as, wait for it, bumblebees. Completed with a yellow-striped vest, a yellow-striped diaper, antennas and a real stinger. Among the star-studded bumblebess were Michael Clarke Duncan and Donnie Yen. They were required to pop a variety of balloons around the house with their stingers taped to their behinds. Even those balloons high up the wall. I have never seen anything funnier than a bunch of guys dressed up as bumblebees carrying another guy dressed the same, arse first, into a wall. Hilarity ensues.

The Sixth Task: Arts and Craft
Finally Ingo was required to concoct a love letter in order to woo YY from her lair. The other Heng Tai assisted in coming up with a creative poster for Ingo to post his love letter on. I had no idea these guys were so creative.

The Seventh Task: Sing-a-long Songs
Finally, Ingo had to serenade YY in order to convince her to leave the comfort of her lair. While initially requesting for "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" (the Glee version apparently, although I really couldn't tell the difference) YY changed her mind and insisted that Ingo did a solo for the same song. Ingo took it like a man and sang his way into her heart...

Even upon successfully breaking into the Lair of Queen YY, the evil Ji Mui made a final last-ditch attempt to prevent their Queen from being snatched by Ingo the Valiant. Her evil Ji Mui claimed that they could not find her shoes, and thus she could not leave her lair. Nevertheless, nothing escapes the sharp eyes of our Hero.

Finally, our Hero and Heroine get their just rewards.

Not forgetting of course the all-important traditional tea-ceremony and the photoshoot after...

For those of you who like statistics:
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