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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ingo's Epic Battle to Snatch the Bride! - Part 1

19th September 2010, was the date of a monumental struggle between the forces of Ingo and the forces of Yeong Yin in Valencia (Sungai Buloh, of course) (hereinafter referred to as "the Epic Battle"). It was so determined by the Gods that such confrontation was necessary for Ingo to win the woman of his dreams.

In the said Epic Battle, Coalition of  Determined Heng Tai face-out against the United Ji Mui Front in an all-out battle, the results of which will forever change Ingo's life.

On the outset it was obvious that the Ji Mui were determined to make life difficult for the Heng Tai. They barricaded the front door and taunted Ingo through half-opened windows. After some taunting, representatives of the evil Ji Mui appeared to make their demands.

 Like Hercules, Ingo was required to undergo dastardly tasks which will push his physical and mental facilities to the limit. Fortunately for the Ingo the Valiant, he was supported by his loyal Heng Tai, consisting of no less than Donnie Yen, Michael Clarke Duncan and Rick Flair ("Wooo!"), among others.

The First Task: Eggs in the Pants
To test their resolve, the Heng Tai were required to shift eggs in their pants. While one will not be faulted for making reference to salah parking, it's not what you may think. Although i suspect that this test for merely for the amusement of the Ji Mui. Bad Ji Mui!

The Second Task: Ice Bucket
In relation to marriage and to test their ability to go numb, the Heng Tai were required to fish out the relevant keys to the Lair of YY using only their toes. Unfortunately, the bucket of water was filled with ice as well as many bogus keys. A brave long-toed Heng Tai was selected and fortunately he didn't get cold feet. On the down-side, he got cold foot.

The Third Task: Liquidated Damages
By now the Ju Mui's resolve had weakened considerably and the Guardians of the Door demanded payment for entry. In some angles, Ingo does look a little like Tom Cruise, so the phrase "Show me the money!" kept ringing in my head. 

The Fourth Task: Yoga Challenge
Hip hip, hooray! Once the Heng Tai made it in, there was no stopping them now. However, the Ji Mui still had evil tricks up their sleeve... YOGA. That's right. The Heng Tai had to imitate yoga positions in order to pass this next task. Hilarity ensues.

To Be Continued...

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