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Monday, May 27, 2013

Graduation Time Y'all!

Dear God, has it been so long? When was my last post? November 2012? Photography was slow as well during that time I admit. It had much to do with the surrounding circumstances.

First off, several weddings took off towards the end of 2012, one of them was Calvin Symons' - which was very, very important to me obviously. Other factors include difficulties at work. It all came together as one large potpourri of crap really. Anyways, I'm back, and that is what really matters.

Come to think of it, I never really left.

Let us leave the nostalgia aside for a few, and allow me to CONGRATULATE MY LITTLE BROTHER DAVID KEE on his day of graduation. Little boy no more, welcome now to a life of servitude and suffering. Oops, did I say too much? :-)

For those of you who like statistics:
Vital Stats for May: 1 post 2 pics
Vital Stats So Far: 168 posts 6,256 pics

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