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Friday, July 27, 2012

In Loving Memory: Daisy [1999 - 2012]

It’s not all that often when someone eulogizes about a pet. Often, we remember the deeds and achievements of those who, in their lifetime, have touched us somewhat. Pets on the other and, may be considered by many to be a passing fancy, a burden, a fluffy toy to carry around in a tacky bag, or worse still, an animal.

Yet, to those of us who have felt and have been touched by the love of these ‘animals’, know that they are much more than that.

Emily has known Daisy, a small, shaggy Pekingese Terrier, for more than 13 years. Daisy has been housed, fed, treated, cared for and loved for more than 13 years by Emily and her family. In dog years, this translates into a lifetime of commitment – a lifetime longer than what many of us would have been willing to undertake in this labour of love. On the afternoon of 18th July 2012, Daisy peacefully passed-on after having her final afternoon meal.

Daisy has kept Emily company for much of Emily's life, through good times and bad times, Daisy's silent support was a constant reminder that she always had Daisy, no matter what. I know how much Daisy meant to Emily. I myself have met this little darling during one of our excursions to Emily’s family home in Melaka. I also know that Emily is heartbroken in her loss, but she is assured in the fact that Daisy has led a full and happy life with Emily and her family. To go peacefully, with your belly full, in your own home – the rest of us could only hope for so much when our time comes. It was a good passing.

Rest in peace, Daisy, ‘Che Che’ loves you.

"Say not in grief that she is no more, but live in thankfulness that she was..."

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