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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Salsa Sam's Birthday Celebration + January 2011 Social

Happy Birthday Sam! For the man who has somehow taught a stiff like me to flay around in what appears to be an act of dancing, I salute you for doing something other so-called experts thought impossible. My own mother thinks Sam should be made a Saint by the Pope for being able to make her son (moi) dance (or at lease participate in socially acceptable activities at night).

Back to it now. 30th January marks the day when supercalifragilisticexpealidocious Salsa Sam (real name, Salsa Sam) was born a number of years back. Although initially studying in a very distinguished and established university in Yankee Land, as it were, fate seemed to disagree somewhat. Deciding then to go for an awesome job instead of a regular one, Salsa Sam dived head first into dancing, a decision which would ultimately change his life - and many years down the road, it changed mine as well...

Today, Sam and his lovely wife Aisha is attached to Havana Estudio's Salsa Division and through their combined love, passion and guidance, they have been able to spread the love and understanding salsa dance and music to the masses, and more importantly, to develop the dance in Malaysia.

Over the years, the Havana Estudio 'stable' (for lack of a better word) run long and deep. HE is virtually synonymous with salsa in at least Kuala Lumpur and perhaps even nationwide. Although considered as one of the largest more established salsa schools around, Sam and Aisha strictly focuses not on the quantity, but the quality of all their students, a point of pride in most of Sam and Aisha's students, who, at the drop of a hat, are more than eager to walk the walk, or should we say, dance the dance.

Sam's legacy continues to shine in the form of more and more new and dedicated dancers as every year goes by. Therefore, let us all take some time to salute this great man on his big day!





















For those of you who like statistics:
Vital Stats for February: 2 posts 150 pics 
Vital Stats So Far: 48 posts 1,968 pics

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