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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Double Happines October Special! [Set Una]

[Cue Oriental Music]

Congratulations and salutations to Ruben/Yvonne and K.C./Anna for their recent nuptials! A mass wedding of sorts was held at the Cempaka Buddhist Lodge, located in Taman Sea SS23, on the auspicious date of 10th October 2010. As local comedian & stand-up comic, Harith Iskandar once asked the audience in one of his stand-ups, "What's 10 + 10 + 10?" (Editor: Don't answer that.) The couples, 16 in total, were sworn in by a woke-up-on-the-right-side-of-bed-cheerful chinese lady in a kebaya. before they headed down a petal-strewn (actually I thought it looked more like cut-up post-it notes) aisle for further ceremonial and symbolic exchanges.

For photography, the lighting was consistent which was a good thing, but the ceiling was high up. Nevertheless, armed with my 50D, Tamron SP 28-75mm f/2.8, 580EXII flash gun and a RM38 China-made soft-box, I had more well-exposed shots on that beautiful Sunday Morning as compared to the earlier two night shoots combined. Once again, I found myself in the company of about 20 photographers, a combination of amateurs and pros. Good company by any standard, I might add.

For more info, let the pictures tell the story! I originally wanted to put all this in one post, but then again, my rather long-winded stories are not appreciated, so there. Enjoy the photos!

To Be Continued.....

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For those of you who like statistics:
Vital Stats for October: 6 posts 143 pics 
Vital Stats So Far: 23 posts 894 pics

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