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Friday, October 8, 2010

Batu Caves: A Random Weekday Excursion

Had some time on Thursday. I was up and down the MRR2 because of the issue of registration and change of name for my 3-month old, 2nd-hand Sentra (which I love very much, I might add). I had about 2 hours to kill and my camera was with me, so...

Since I was on the MRR2, will it be Batu Caves or Zoo Negara? I only had the Tamron SP 28-75mm f/2.8 with me and the Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 was left at home. Batu Caves then.

After getting slightly lost, I paid RM 2 to get in and park. The moment I got out the first thing struck my nasal passages was pigeon. Everything smelled like pigeon. Disturbing but yet rustic. I pushed on. Snapped photos outside, climbed stairs to the top. Snapped more photos. Naughty monkeys. Climbed down. Drove off. I would dearly like to return the next Thaipusam. I'll have a blast.

I have an affinity with black & white shots. I feel that images are much more powerful when conveyed in B&W, since without colour, we are forced to focus more on the substance of the subject, instead of being distracted by the said colours. Tell me what you think about it.

The world's tallest statue  of Lord Murugan at 140.09 feet high. And a big one at that.

Lord Ganesha adorning the roof of the temple across the giant Lord Murugan statue.

Statues of deities on the roof of the temple across from Lord Murugan's statue.

Statue of a deity on the temple roof-top.


Pigeon portraiture.
Flight of Fancy.

Pigeon Perspective.

Come fly with me.

Fine-detailed sculptures on the spire temple roof

Beautiful sculptures on the arch at the entrance towards the Temple Cave steps.

A high-ISO shot inside the Temple Cave.

Steps leading to the inner sactuary inside the Temple Cave.

A large Macaque monkey, a native species of the area. He started growling at me when my camera started intruding his personal space.

A young Macaque sticking his tongue out at me as he slides down the pillar of the protective roofing in the inner sanctuary.

Amazing sight of the limestone walls of the inner sanctuary.

A guess some Macaques are more used to cameras than others.

Random Macaques.

Random Macques.

Large stalactites in the inner sanctuary.

Where's Wally?

A statue of a deity at the Temple Cave entrance.

View from the top of the Temple Cave steps, overlooking the Gombak area and the MRR2 highway.
Handsome looking rooster.

A very large, handsome rooster. It's wattle and comb appears to be under-developed for a rooster of this size, possibly an indication of caponization, or rooster castration. 

More statues of deities. This diorama faces the steps to the Temple Cave as you walk back down.

Some pictures of pigeons. For photo-composition buffs, can you spot how many Rules of Compositions are adhered to in this picture?

Adorable little girl, who was so afraid of the pigeons.

A brown pigeon.

Pigeon landscape.
Hungry pigeons.

Pigeons flocking to whoever bring them food.

Postcard picture of Lord Murugan next to the 272-step concrete staircase which leads to the Temple Cave.

I love this shot of a tourist walking past the pigeons. Casual and candid.

Random shot of some birds flying overhead.

For those of you who like statistics:
Vital Stats for October: 4 posts 95 pics 
Vital Stats So Far: 21 posts 846 pics


  1. Good shots... u should go there on mornings too, to catch the fitness enthusiast and those performing their morning prayers.. :) - jam

  2. Wonderful photography son. I love those pictures. So proud of you.

  3. A different perspective in black-and-white of a place that has been photographed so many times over by many people :) I like it, even though my personal preference is for vivid colours.