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Monday, March 7, 2011

Tanjung Sepat: An Afternoon By The Sea [28-2-2011]

If you look up 'Tanjung Sepat' on Wikipedia, you'll find that it paints a rather bleak picture of this rustic fishing community in Kuala Langat. What then is so special about Tanjung Sepat (hereinafter affectionately referred to as "TS")?

When you arrive in TS, you realise immediately that there are Buddhist temples scattered EVERYWHERE. I was told that this is characteristic of fishing villages since here, their beliefs and superstitions intertwine with their livelihood. Reminds me of a sociological theory on beliefs, but I won't bore you with the details. Anyways, we did not have enough time for the full-Monty tour, as our guide, U Joe had engagements in the evening but nevertheless, our time was well filled.
We started out our day early in the morning of 28th February 2011 - of course in this sense early for me happened to by a 9.30 am wake-up. The drive to our destination was reasonably pleasant and taking approximately 1 hour 20 minutes. We arrived at a well known seafood restaurant by the sea with an attached pier, ambiguously named 'Ocen Restaurant'. Coincidentally they had spectacular oh chien (an oyster omlette of sorts). That led to some confusion over whether joint was named after the ocean or the oh chien (both would have been misspelled anyways). Upon arriving we immediately explored the concrete and timber pier which led out slightly more than 50m into the ocean from the beach with about a dozen fishing boats tied down at the far end of the pier. Shutter madness ensued with a dear friend Emily as the partially willing but wholly sporting model.

After the photo-session, the 3 of us had lunch at Ocen Restaurant, which was reasonably priced (not as cheap as Setiawan but slightly cheaper than KL - what did you expect? It's a tourist destination).

After lunch we paid a visit to a Mushroom Farm about 1km from Ocen Restaurant. The farm itself was not that interesting, unless you have some sort of fetish for mushrooms, but the restaurant behind the said farm had its own charms. Portions of the 2nd seafood joint were located out in the sea, on stilts. This structure was rickety as hell and I was constantly concerned about impromptu swimming. But my concerns were unnecessary. It appeared safe enough. More photos took place there as there were dedicated 'rest' areas (unlike the first location which was purely functional). This time Joe and myself joined in as models, along with Emily.

We enjoyed the seaside retreat but it was getting late and Joe needed to get back. So, I guess we might be back sometime soon to check out the rest of this quaint little village by the sea.

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