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Monday, March 21, 2011

Fish Farm Restaurant & Look-Out Point [13-3-2011]

I just spent the entire Sunday cavorting around this incredible gem of a place. I had no idea it existed. There are many place we would not know about or visit on our own, save if someone brings us. Sunday's trip deep into Ampang was one such example of this. A million thanks to Thanh and Chan from Vietnam who introduced us to this lovelty site.

The afternoon started at the Fish Farm Restaurant for lunch. After driving up what appeared to be a hill-pass of some sort, following a signboard we took a right turn into what appeared to be a gravelly clearing into the jungle! I instantly wished for a 4WD, or a tank given the circumstances. But the Sentra held out. After a short drive (including a 45 degree angle downhill slope) we reached a piece of private land used exclusively for rearing fish. Not the display ones, the 'meant-to-be-eaten' ones. And big buggers they were too. My only gripe is that the food was not entirely cheap. The price was fair, but considering how far we drove, we hoped for better! How Malaysian of us!

After lunch, we headed straight to the Look-Out Point, not 200 meters from where were earlier. We were greeted by modern looking structures, designed to allow visitors to sit, eat and relax in front of the entire view of KL. The lower restaurant, named 'Haven' gave a good enough view already, but if you wanted to take a short walk higher up, to the 'Panorama' restaurant, you'd have the chance to cllimb a tower to view KL city from this look-out point's highest point. 





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