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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Peranakan Baba Nyonya Association KL Annual Dinner 2012

Welcome to the Persatuan Baba Nyonya Association Kuala Lumpur's Annual Dinner & Dance 2012!

This year, this much awaited event was held at the prestigious Royal Selangor Club, KL. After a quick park at Dataran Merdeka's carpark, we entered the event hall straight into the festivities. The theme for the night was RED and all the participants did not disappoint! Not long after we sat in our assigned seats, the first announcements began.

The evening started with Association President, Dr. Lee Su Kim giving a rousing speech, followed by an inspirational performance by the KL Singing Nyonyas! Lined up in a row, the Singing Nyonyas from left to right - Nyonya Cecilia Song, Nyonya Dr. Lee Su Kim, Nyonya Ruby Song, Nyonya Jade Tan, Nyonya Nellie Song, and Nyonya Baby Cheah. 

The evergreen songbirds were followed by a popular returning act, known as Seri Panggung! Seri Panggung, conssiting of Baba Simon Tan, Baba Aaron Loo and Baba Wong Mun Yee entertained the crowd with their usual side-splitting antics. However, this time round they even gave us all a surprise towards the end of their skit, an energetic choreographed dance to the popular song, 'Nobody' by Korean all-girl pop group, Wonder Girls. This certainly got the temperature rising in the hall. :-P

After the skit we were treated to an amazing singing performance by the beautiful Ms. Lee Jun Yen, Dr. Lee's very own niece. The songbird held her own in a hall full of people and displayed the kind of poise reserved for the most experienced of performers.

After the lovely and talented Ms. Jun Yen, we were in for yet another treat - an incredible brother - sister singing/magic show! Jorinn and Gelvinn Chee, both equally celebrated young magicians (with a host of accolades to boot - just Google their names!) entertained the entire hall with an act consisting of singing my Jorinn and some sleight of hand by Gelvinn. Spellbinding!
After all the performances were done, and all the food had been eaten, what else would a hall full of Peranakan folks do? Dance the night away of course! Serenaded by Royal Selangor Club house band, the participants swayed and jigged to a host of cha cha cha and rhumba tunes.

The KL Singing Nyonyas! From L-R: Cecilia Song, Dr. Lee Su Kim, Ruby Song, Jade Tan, Nellie Song, Baby Cheah

Seri Panggung. L-R: Simon Tan, Wong Mun Yee, Aaron Loo

Nyonya Lee Jun Yen

L-R: Gelvinn Chee, Jorinn Chee

For those of you who are interested to check out LAST YEAR'S Association Annual Dinner & Dance, please click on the link below for more pictures!

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